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What if you knew precisely how to find your perfect quality match, your loving partner for life?

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Let’s dream together for a moment.

What if you knew precisely how to find your perfect quality match, your loving partner for life? 

What if instead off countless arduous, unproductive, and emotionally draining hours, weeks, or even years of trying to find the right person, you received all the support you need to find them in just as little as 12-weeks?

Imagine it. Envision it. Feel it. Believe in it.

Now ask yourself, are you ready for your dreams to finally come true?

Are you ready to believe your ideal love is out there?

Take your life to the next level

What happens next?

Your life becomes bigger. It becomes bolder. More vibrant. You become open to more experiences.

Your world expands as you become open to more experiences.

You learn to embrace who you are, and old damaging patterns of behaviour stop allowing you to fully appreciate and experience life in a way that you have not yet enjoyed. 

True love is transformative. It’s what inspires our dreams and from which we draw the power to achieve our dreams.

Your person is out there, looking for you right now as you are them.

But first, you must be able to determine who they are and how to find them. More importantly, what has stopped you from finding them up until now.

Embark on your path to love

The Journey Starts With You

This journey starts with a willingness to be curious, self-aware, and honest in exploring who you are and anything that may be holding you back from finding love. 

You will reconnect with yourself and learn to acknowledge when self-limiting beliefs and old, unhelpful patterns are building barriers.

When you have the knowledge and skills needed to find your ideal pair, dating becomes much more fun and much more efficient. And who couldn’t use more fun, efficiency, and love in our lives? 

Are you intrigued yet?​

A previous client, Lynn, sure was.

Lynn was a 50-year-old successful woman who had a history of failed relationships. 

She was questioning whether she should even try anymore or whether there were any good available men left out there. A consistent theme we hear from both our male and female clients. 

Well, of course she felt this way as she was repeating a pattern of choosing the same type of men who were all wrong for her and overlooking the ones who were right. She did not realize other internal beliefs and behaviours were preventing that door to her dream relationship from manifesting. 

After our work together, her mindset changed, she became clear on what she needed in a relationship, and she naturally started to look at good men that she would never have considered before. 

They became super attractive to her now and the same in return. It was only a few months before she met the man who checked all her boxes, and 1 year later, they are still happily together.

The struggles are real

Here’s the problem

Dating can be challenging. It takes time and emotional energy – something many of us already have in short supply. Unless you know exactly who you’re looking for and how to find them, you can quickly get frustrated, drained and lose motivation. Perhaps you are considering or have given up on finding love? It’s time to reassess and refocus. 

You know that to find the right partner for the deliriously happy, lasting love you desire, you need to 

  • determine who is right for you,
  • learn where to find them,
  • understand how to attract them. More importantly,
  • stop wasting time sifting through bad candidates,
  • start meeting quality matches.

Despite your efforts and intentions, you feel like you may be a bit stuck in accomplishing this. Do any of these resonate with you?

Now, the good news

When armed with a crystal clear understanding of who you are, what you need in a partner, and how to attract them, dating doesn’t need to be complicated.

You don’t need to be restrained by self-limiting belief systems and commitments to patterns that no longer serve you. Dating can be fun!!

Picture it. Feel it

Imagine how much more time and energy you would have to find your person if you knew exactly who to look for, where to look, and how to overcome your personal barriers blocking you from finally finding lifelong love.

When you are crystal clear on your needs and desires, that’s when the magic starts to happen:

  • your perspective shifts,
  • you see opportunities where you didn’t before,
  • you radiate the energy of your needs and desires into the fabric of the universe

… and you know what happens? That energy you’ve been projecting is returned to you in the form you desire. This law of attraction has been well documented, not just by us and our clients, but by some of the most influential and successful people in the world, including Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins. 

Imagine just how much your entire life could transform. Let me share with you what we have witnessed in our clients.

Imagine just how much your entire life could transform.

You will reconnect with yourself and your natural needs and desires

Experience teaches many valuable lessons, but sometimes our experiences produce roadblocks that needlessly complicate or sabotage our quest for love. Often these operate subconsciously.  

Smarter and more strategic about your dating choices.

An understanding of who you are and what kind of partner will bring you the most sustainable happiness. How to connect with people naturally without having to rely on dating apps, making strategic choices, and developing a customized plan for in-person meetings. 

Learn to spot red and green flags, and notice when faulty assumptions (we all make them) may be clouding your perception.

Lead with confidence

Fear of rejection, failure, mistaken assumptions, inhibitions, and self-sabotage are replaced by self-confidence and the steadfast knowledge that you are desirable, loveable, and worthy. 

You will never settle because you know you are worthy of the right relationship for you and refuse to waste resources on anyone who is incompatible.

Become a beacon to whom you wish to attract

That partner you’re searching for is out there, looking for you. 

Learn how to ensure you are on the same path as them so you can find one another. 

Renounce any thoughts that you are better off alone or won’t find anyone of quality. 

Learn how to express yourself and key manifestation techniques to attract the right partner, and you will find them.

Meet the love of your life! Your dreams are coming true!

Every day you will be amazed by the incredible person you are now sharing your life, hopes, and dreams with.

Each day you will wake up with the comfort of knowing you have met your ideal match and have built a love and life together that will withstand every challenge, including the test of time. You are at peace. You are fulfilled.

Finally, everything just feels right.


Finding Your Ideal Lifemate, the Effective and Fun Way!

Private and personalized, this comprehensive program will provide everything you need to find your lifetime companion and improve other facets of your life.

Here’s what people said

Let me show you exactly how this breaks down

When signing up for my 12-Week Personalized Coaching program, here is what you get

Each of the sections below have multiple components to them, key areas of focus will occur as the clients’ needs are discovered in the sessions.

Section 1

Who are You?

Get a deeper understanding of who you are and what your potential is in this in-depth look at your personality and core drivers. Discover how your mind works and what you require to live to your full potential. Want to know how your past has shaped your present relationships? Determine your truth and be aware of how this may affect your future choice in a partner and other key connections. Learn what patterns you need to change to break the cycle and start your exciting new journey!

Section 2

What do You Desire?

What would you hope others would say about you at your 80th birthday party?  Most people never take the time to figure out what they really should and want to do with their life. They just accept the first decent opportunity that arises, and the ripple effect begins, which often includes settling for the wrong relationship(s). Revealing your hidden dreams and aspirations is crucial to not only finding the right partner but ensuring they are the right partner to stand by your side for life.

Section 3

Who is Your Aligned Match?

Knowing what to look for in your next committed relationship can be very difficult. You don’t want to make the same mistakes again or risk being hurt, especially if children are involved. Most people date without any knowledge of what they really need in a relationship. They simply go by what feels good in the moment or are influenced by others. After time, red flags start to pop up but instead of finding someone more suitable, they believe they can mold the person to what they need, when they can’t. Discovering what you truly require (based on real data) in a relationship before you even start dating, is the perfect recipe for finding a compatible life partner. 

Section 4

Identifying Roadblocks

What you get back in this world is only as good as what you put out. 

Law of attraction – like attracts like. Are you in the right place in your life to meet the partner of your dreams? Are you financially secure, forgiven past grievances, comfortable being on your own? Are you sending out positive vibes? Are you living in fear? 

If not, you will only continue to attract the wrong people into your life or sabotage the good things that come your way. You won’t be able to solve your problems or break down the barriers preventing you from achieving your dreams, unless you identify what they are first. 

Through our work together, you will discover exactly what has and could prevent you from having the love you desire.

Section 5

Clearing the Path

Now that we know what obstacles are at play, we can work to dismantle these barriers through self-awareness and compassion. 

Self-development work in areas like building confidence and overcoming limiting beliefs is often required, to ensure you are living at your full potential. 

Together, we will develop specific goals and daily success habits to get you back on the right path to finding the love of your life. Many have discovered things they no longer wish to tolerate in their lives and decide to make significant changes toward a more successful, happy future.

Section 6

Attracting Your Match

Time to launch! Your ideal mate is now so clearly defined you can imagine a future together. Your confidence is high and gone are the days where you react to whoever “Chooses you”. You will now be “the Chooser” and never settle again. You will gain effective skills to attract and screen potential candidates, spotting  and spot red flags along the way to avoid a costly use of time and emotional energy. 

All you need to know now is where to find them. We’ve got that covered.  

  • You will receive a personalized plan of numerous ways to meet people the natural, organic way.  
  • Or, if you wish to use Dating apps, we will write you the best Dating Profile that magnetizes the right people. 
  • Best of all, as part of this program, you will receive free access to Path2Love’s Dating Community. 
    • Here, you will have access to other daters over 40 who were screened for both personal development work and a desire for a serious relationship.
    • You will be able to see personality types and know who your ideal match is and isn’t. 
    • Get access to expert talks, events and workshops. 
    • Get your questions answered or
    • Gain access to a database of resources, so you can read about topics of your choosing

Have an opportunity to create and join member events to connect with daters in your region. No need to be on this journey alone.  We can all support each other and have some fun along the way!

Celebrating new beginnings with 3 special bonuses (Extra $2000 Value)

In addition to all of the elements included in the coaching program, we will include 3 additional bonuses to help kickstart your journey to love.

Bonus 1

Text & email support between sessions

$1000 Value

Bonus 2

Complimentary Entry into Path2Love Dating Membership Community

Value Priceless! Actual cost $499

Bonus 3

Self-Care Workbook

$100 Value

Full of extra exercises and suggestions to enhance your personal development and ensure you are in the healthiest place possible to attract your life partner.

Begin Your Journey on Your Path 2 Love Today

Get Access To

Total Value: $10,000+

Your Investment: $2,850

Pay in Full & Get a 50% off Coupon to Our Partner Store

What makes us so different from the others?

Modern dating typically focuses on speed but not efficiency. Swiping left and right, taking a single, mass-produced assessment to ‘match’ you with someone a computer thinks is best, or jumping straight into chaotic dating and hoping for the best.

Path2Love’s Coaching Program is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive solution that combines 18+hours of 1:1 relationship coaching sessions with evidence-based assessments, intensive personal development and dating skill development so that when you find your love, it’s a love for life.

Efficiency and comprehensiveness are what make this program uniquely successful. It doesn’t start right at dating. It dives deep into a personalized journey of self-discovery to ensure that you are searching for the right partners for you and identify, acknowledge, and dismantle any blocks preventing you from finding each other.

Once you are a successful single – meaning that you are living with self-confidence, self-awareness, and the skills crucially needed to navigate modern dating, you’re ready to begin your dating journey. Now that you’ve identified your niche and learned to relay who you are confidently, you will have the skills needed to efficiently sift through the proverbial haystack and have the best chance at long-term success, happiness, and fulfilment.

What’s more – we don’t just leave you there. Path2Love has a community of like-minded daters to help you in your search.  You will never feel alone in your journey to find your life-mate.

This is for you if...

Curious but undecided?

This program is likely an excellent fit for you if…

Your Success Is Assured With Our Triple-Guarantee

Why offer 1 Guarantee when we can offer 3?

Committed, with confidence, to your success.

Personal coaching is an investment, and some may be a little hesitant. Maybe you’ve had poor experiences in the past, or perhaps you just need to get to know me and my program a bit better. I love helping people like you find their ideal life partner, and I want to give you every opportunity to try this program and experience how professional relationship coaching can change your life. 

This is why I am offering you 3 guarantees.

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Alison, and I cannot wait to see you fall in love

I am CEO of Path2Love, a certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach, Dating Expert, Co-Author of “Radical Self Love’, and my favourite title, Mother of two amazing teenage girls. With a nuanced understanding of love, lifestyles, and relationships, I have identified the critical components of finding your life’s love without wasting time, money, and emotional resources. 

Like so many of you, my path through life and in finding love and life wasn’t exactly typical. Having battled a severe injury, then divorce after 20 years of marriage, I found myself single and hesitantly entering the dating world once again. It was shocking –  let’s be honest – modern dating can be challenging! Until you go through it yourself you can never fully understand.

After years of education, certification, countless hours of research, interviews, analysis, and daily coaching of both sexes, I have developed the knowledge-base and refined skill set that allows me to successfully help my clients find the partner that will truly fulfil them. Witnessing my clients’ joy as they finally find their dream partner means everything!

Now, I’m ready to help you find your match. To not only find the love of your life, but to fall in love with your life.


We will never tell you what you should or should not do, but it is advised that you stay single during the initial part of the program to ensure there are no distractions preventing you from being in the correct mental space. You need to be able to ask yourself some very hard questions about what may have been standing in your way in the past, and only when you can clearly do that can you break past patterns, and become crystal clear on what you truly need and want, and have real relationship success.

Absolutely yes! With approx 50% of marriages unfortunately ending in divorce, there are many available singles out there. The key is freeing yourself from the past, knowing who is right for you and how to attract them. Trying to attract the masses and funnelling down from there simply does not work.  

This is what you will become clear on during the first stage of our program when we dive deep into who you are and what you need and want in your life to be fulfilled.  Not everyone needs a relationship to be happy, but some decide they do not need one as a self-protective mechanism – driven by fear, as they do not want to risk being hurt.

Many of us tell ourselves these things but unfortunately if you allow these thoughts to linger they will be self-fulfilling. The key to success is to truly believe in yourself as you are. That you are lovable, deserve to be happy and WILL find your life partner if you focus on living the life you want. Like they say in the movie “The Field of Dreams…”If you build it, they will come”. 

As part of my program, there will be many different ways developed for you to meet someone. 

1) You will be entered into both my personal matchmaking database and a prime matchmaking database to be seen by other key matchmakers around the world.  

2) A personalized list of places outside dating apps will be created for you to meet people. 

3) If desired, the right dating app(s) for you will be selected and a magnetizing dating app profile will be created to start attracting the right people and repelling the wrong ones.