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This Valentines Day, Get Your Roadmap To Lasting Love

  • Starting to believe your ideal partner just does not exist?
  • Are you constantly meeting the wrong matches?
  • Told by others you are just too picky?
  • Would you like to start meeting better-quality connections as early as Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s the perfect time to start your journey towards finding that special someone and finally answer the question of who would make your best Valentine?

Allow me, Alison, a certified Sexologist, Dating, and Relationship Coach, to guide you with my special package “Your Roadmap to Lasting Love.”

In this package, I’ll work one-on-one with you to understand your unique relationship needs and preferences. Using advanced psychometric testing and analysis, I’ll provide an in-depth understanding of your compatibility with potential partners, giving you a clear idea of who would be the best match for you.

But that’s not all, as a bonus, book your coaching sessions before January 31st, and you’ll receive complimentary astrological information to give you added insight into your love life.

With my expert guidance and proven strategies, I’ll help you attract the right connections. However, spots are limited in my calendar so book today to secure your space. With all the elements of this package, you’ll have the tools to build a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

“Finding true love is a journey, and I’m here to personally guide you every step of the way with my special package “Your Roadmap to Lasting Love”:


3 – 1:1 coaching sessions with advanced analysis:

  • Session 1: Discover your exact match with psychometric testing on top of the exercises.
  • Session 2: Determine your unique selling proposition. + bonus confidence boosting
  • Session 3: Create a Dating Profile that magnetizes! Or if online dating is not your thing – a full list of offline options customized to you.

Cost: $600 + HST

Valid for month of February.

Remember to book before January 31st, and receive complimentary astrological insights to enhance your journey to lasting love. Don’t wait, take the first step towards true love today!

Here’s what people said

What makes us so different from the others?

Modern dating typically focuses on speed but not efficiency. Swiping left and right, taking a single, mass-produced assessment to ‘match’ you with someone a computer thinks is best, or jumping straight into chaotic dating and hoping for the best.

Path2Love’s Coaching Program is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive solution that combines 18+hours of 1:1 relationship coaching sessions with evidence-based assessments, intensive personal development and dating skill development so that when you find your love, it’s a love for life.

Efficiency and comprehensiveness are what make this program uniquely successful. It doesn’t start right at dating. It dives deep into a personalized journey of self-discovery to ensure that you are searching for the right partners for you and identify, acknowledge, and dismantle any blocks preventing you from finding each other.

Once you are a successful single – meaning that you are living with self-confidence, self-awareness, and the skills crucially needed to navigate modern dating, you’re ready to begin your dating journey. Now that you’ve identified your niche and learned to relay who you are confidently, you will have the skills needed to efficiently sift through the proverbial haystack and have the best chance at long-term success, happiness, and fulfilment.

What’s more – we don’t just leave you there. Path2Love has a community of like-minded daters to help you in your search.  You will never feel alone in your journey to find your life-mate.

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Alison, and I cannot wait to see you fall in love

I am CEO of Path2Love, a certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach, Dating Expert, Co-Author of “Radical Self Love’, and my favourite title, Mother of two amazing teenage girls. With a nuanced understanding of love, lifestyles, and relationships, I have identified the critical components of finding your life’s love without wasting time, money, and emotional resources. 

Like so many of you, my path through life and in finding love and life wasn’t exactly typical. Having battled a severe injury, then divorce after 20 years of marriage, I found myself single and hesitantly entering the dating world once again. It was shocking –  let’s be honest – modern dating can be challenging! Until you go through it yourself you can never fully understand.

After years of education, certification, countless hours of research, interviews, analysis, and daily coaching of both sexes, I have developed the knowledge-base and refined skill set that allows me to successfully help my clients find the partner that will truly fulfil them. Witnessing my clients’ joy as they finally find their dream partner means everything!

Now, I’m ready to help you find your match. To not only find the love of your life, but to fall in love with your life.