Overcome the Hurdles of Dating and Attract your Ideal Match!

Find Lasting Love through Self-Discovery, Transformation and Knowledge

Who Am I?

Alison Verge here, Mom of 2 teens and a professionally trained Relationship Coach and Author. Previously married for 20 years, then single and let’s face it….miserable for a bit. After MANY WTF moments, more schooling and NUMEROUS challenges, I discovered happiness and the right way to find lasting love.

I understand how hard finding the right person can be and how scary it can seem to be on your own.  But do we ever really take the time to think about whether someone is really right for us? To be happy and with forever (aside from some occasional healthy cough cough “discussions”)? We tend to think a great time between the sheets and having some other things in common that connects us is love. But let’s be honest, how many of you have ignored red flags and thought he/she will change? Perhaps you can just live with it? You think about being completely on your own and it’s terrifying! There is nothing better out there.. or worse – I can’t get any better. Dating sucks and I don’t have the time. I don’t want to risk being hurt again. I have no-one else. Sound familiar?

News Alert! Garbage. You do not have to settle! You can be happy with or without a partner. You are already whole. I hate to say this but I have to – there are plenty of fish in the sea of all kinds, including the right one for you if you want it. Let’s cut to the chase, with a little work, you can attract what you set your mind to. Like attracts like. Just imagine the possibilities? 

So back to me – I help unfulfilled people looking for love (probably like you if you are on this page) find the “Right One”. As in aligned with who you are and what you require in your life to be happy and vice versa of course – like attracts like remember? Drum roll…key ingredient added before you start attracting – readiness. On top of being clear on exactly what you need, you will understand the influence of past relationships, issues and the patterns to be avoided. You are confident in yourself to attract the life and partner you desire!

You really can find lasting love!

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Unfulfilled people over 30 Looking for Lasting Love


Who It Is Not For?


  • Currently married, looking at possibilities
  • In the midst of a major life/work crisis,
  • Wanting instant results without any effort,
  • Looking for hook-ups, not a serious relationship.
Module One

Current State of Affairs


  • Highlights areas in your life that we will work on, in order for you to become happily single and ready for a HEALTHY, long-term relationship!
  • See clearly where issues or gaps are that you may never have been aware of before.


  • Feeling unhappy with your life, especially your love life?
  • In a relationship or jumping from one to the next because you are too scared of change or being alone?
  • Perhaps something just doesn’t feel right, but you can’t place it.
  • Ever wondered what’s holding you back from that great relationship?
  • This detailed assessment with in-depth coaching reveals crucial data, setting the course for the next modules.
Module Two



  • You may be dating someone and afraid to let go on the off chance they are “the one”. 
  • You may feel like you have no other options as there are limited “good” catches out there for you. Better snatch this one up while you can…
  • Learn about the 14 dating traps that so many fall into and key red flags that will sabotage the chances of a successful relationship.
  • Know that you are on the right path to self-discovery, confidence, happiness and a future with someone who truly makes you happy!


  • We have all committed to and stuck with a relationship for far too long because we thought our partner would change or we could accept the issues etc.
  • As humans our insecurities take over, we fear change and believe no one better will ever come along so we should take what we can get.
  • Why did we not listen to the little voice at the beginning trying to get our attention?
  • If you had known the importance of what it was trying to tell you – you may have.
  • Good news though- you are now set! You don’t have to settle anymore and simply react to those who choose you. You can now be the chooser and ensure that you not only have chemistry but everything else you need for a long-lasting relationship!
Module Three

What Do You Really Want?


  • Tap into your subconscious mind rich with information.
  • Reveal hidden dreams, desires and aspirations but also limiting beliefs pointing to your core values and what you need in your love life.
  • This is essential to discovering who you are and what you truly require to be happy.


  • Close your eyes, get comfortable and allow your mind to soar. You now have a chance for a fresh start – the world is your oyster!
  • If there were no limitations or commitments, what would you want to be, do and have in your life?
  • What would a perfect day involve for you? Our dreams reveal a lot of truth about what we really need in our lives to be fulfilled.
Module Four

Past Influences


  • Provides valuable information on positive and negative patterns we have been repeating from current and past key relationships (including family & friends).
  • By identifying these patterns and understanding the implications and future action required for improvement, you can maximize your potential for healthy relationships in the future.


  • How has your past shaped your present relationships?
  • Determine your truth and be aware of how this may affect your future choice in a partner and other key connections.
  • Learn what patterns you need to change in order to break the cycle and start your exciting new journey!
Module Five

What Makes You Tick?


  • Living a life aligned with your core values, life purpose and vision are crucial to your entire future happiness.
  • Get down to the core of who you are outside of any outer distractions.
  • Figure out your ideal career, pastimes, place to live, and most importantly your perfect match!


  • It’s not unusual to feel a little lost – like something is missing, wondering if you are destined to do something else in this world.
  • What would you hope others would say about you at your 80th birthday party?
  • Most people never take the time to figure out what they really should and want to do with their life. They just accept the first decent opportunity that arises and the ripple effect begins, regardless of how happy it makes them.
  • Revealing this is crucial to finding the right partner for you.
Module Six

Who is the Partner of My Dreams?


  • Knowing what to look for in a long-term, committed relationship can tough. If hurt before, you don’t want to make the same mistakes again, especially if children are involved.
  • Develop a clear picture of the exact person you need in your life to be happy.
  • Spending this time to explore what you require and DESIRE (icing on the cake) in a relationship before you even start dating, is the perfect recipe for finding lasting love!


  • Most people date without any real thought to what they need in a relationship. They simply go by chemistry and what seems right. After time, red flags may start to pop up but instead of finding someone more suitable, they believe the person can change or they can accept the issues, when in reality they can’t.
  • Everyone has their own unique requirements in order to be happy in a long-term relationship. Ignoring this fact is the reason for so many marriages ending in divorce – incompatibility!
Module Seven

Getting Your Sh*t Together


  • We have determined what you need in the future to be happy. Now it’s time to self-evaluate where you CURRENTLY stand in all key areas of your life.
  • The focus will be on areas that are part of your core relationship requirements. Do any goals need to be met before you begin dating?


  • What you get back in this world is only as good as what you put out.  Law of attraction – like attracts like.
  • Think of your life like a magnet – when you attract one thing, you repel another.  So if you attract the wrong person into your life, you are repelling the right person aligned with who you are.
  • We will check-in to see if you are in the right place in your life to meet the partner of your dreams. Financially secure? Forgiven past grievances? Have a support system in place? Now comfortable being on your own? Are you sending out positive vibes as our thoughts create our reality.
  • Through our work on the power of positivity, self-confidence and manifestation, you attract what you want and deserve in this world, beyond just a loving, lasting relationship.
  • Be happy!
Module Eight

Make Your Vision a Reality


  • Congratulations! You now have no reason to fear being single or even a slight desire to settle. You have got this on your own!
  • Once ready*, we will use these tools and information to build a clear plan to find your dream partner.

*see optional sessions


  • We create business plans and also for major life events so why not when searching for the person we want to spend the rest of our life with?
  • Having a plan in place sets intention, builds confidence, reduces nervousness and leaves little room for uncomfortable, embarrassing mistakes or bad spur of the moment decisions when dating.

Optional Add On’s – Extra Help to Seal the Deal*


  • Your program includes over 20 customized exercises and assessment tools depending on your required/requested needs.
  • All sessions are 1:1 – 90 minutes
  • Email/text support between calls 

Optional Add-ons for those wanting a little more*-  self-esteem building, knowing how to strike up a conversation, profile writing, flirting/romance skills etc. We can work together to ensure all bases are covered for you to find that partner of your dreams!

*extra fees apply

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